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Control and System Theory: Lecture for graduate students at EE-course / 大学院講義 制御システム論について Revised on 2009/07/04!: On semester final report

Siginificant annoucement on your semester final report

Control & System Theory Report Problems
(Hori, Koseki, Hashimoto, Kubota, Sakai and Oh)

Deadline: 2009.8.15

Send your report and the original papers you read in (1) by email as PDF format,
WITH: "Subject: CS Report by YOURNAME"

TO: y.hori AT
takafumikoseki AT
hashimoto.tatsuaki AT
kubota AT
sakai AT
sehoon AT simultaneously.

(1) Read more than 2 original papers on control theory whichwere published in recent 3 years, summarize them, and give your own comment on their relation and significance.
(2) Make a problem on control theory and give its solution. The problem should be as mathematical as possible.
(3) Choose one professor and give your impression on his lecture and suggestion for future improvement. More general impressions and suggestions will be also welcome.



Control and System Theory

Summer Semester Friday 14:45-16:25 Room 245
夏学期 金曜4限 14:45-16:25 245号教室

10th Aprtil Hori State space representation I
17th April Hori State state representation II
24th April No lecture
1st May No lecture
8th May Koseki State feedback

After the lecture, a student told Koseki the overlapped contents with Prof. Hori's lecture. I am sorry for my bad organization!
15th May Koseki Linear state estimation and optimal regulator of a linear system

22nd May Hori Disturbance observer and robust servo-control
29th May No leture
5th June Kubota Robotic Control in Space
12th June Hashimoto Control system dynamics in space application
19th June Sakai Estimation in spacecraft control application
26th June Oh Human friendly motion control for power assist
3rd July Hori Applied robust control for electric vehicles
10th July Koseki Application of state estimation using an observer to MAGLEV control

The lecture is complete. Thank you for your attention!

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