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Electronics in transportation technology (Updated on 2010/01/28)

Electronics in transportation technology
(Takafumi KOSEKI)

This lecture shall be held in English for foreign students, except for invited lectures in Japanese, if there are. Foreign students in the school of information science and technology, as well as in the school of engineering are cordially welcome!!

[01] 09 October: Opening of the lecture: General introduction
Please submit your first weekly report to be downloaded here on the 16th October in response to the first lecture!
I am sorry for the technical problem in visual aid today. The department office knew the problem of the projector. We hope that the problem is fixed next week, and that I can show you the slides prepared for the lecture. Herewith please read the memorandum on the general introduction today.
[02] 16 October: Electric railway (1): Traction control (Handout: Encrypted)
Please submit your second weekly report to be downloaded here on the 23rd October in response to the second lecture!
The room has moved to No. 245 from No. 246 for the technical problem of the visual aid!
[03] 23 October: Electric railway (2): High speed ground transportation (Regular lecture)
Special lecture by Dr. Maschollek (TU Berlin)
==> Cancelled for a technical reason!
Please submit your third weekly report to be downloaded here on the 30th October in response to the third lecture!
[04] 30 October: Electric railway (3): Signaling and safety system
A copy of the slide is here/ (encrypted, approximately 4.7MB)
Please submit your fourth weekly report to be downloaded here on the 6th November in response to the fourth lecture!
[05] 06 November: Electric railway (4): Train scheduling and management
Please submit your fifth weekly report to be downloaded here on the 13th November in response to the fifth lecture!
[06] 13 November: Electric railway (5): Operation control of rains
I am very sorry for forgetting revision of this file and announce the new link to the weekly report problems las weekend. Therefore, you have to submit NO reports on the 20th November. I apologize you for my laziness!!
[07] 20 November: Electric railway (6): Research topics on operation rescheduling,Electrification(1) ---electric supply for electric railways
Please submit your sixth weekly report to be downloaded here on the 27th November in response to the seventh lecture! Copies of the slides on the 20th November are included in the zipped file.
[08] 27 November: Electric railway (7): Electrification(2)  IT service (1)
Please submit your seventh weekly report to be downloaded here on the 04th December in response to the eighth lecture! Copies of the slides on the 20th November are included in the zipped file.
[09] 04 December: IT service (2) and other guided transports, e.g., elevator, cable cars and new transportation systems
Please submit your eighth weekly report to be downloaded here on the 11th December in response to the eighth lecture! Copies of the slides on the 20th November are included in the zipped file. The zipped file includes a detailed announcement on the special lecture by Prof. Li Wang.

[10] 11 December: A special lecture by an invited guest: Prof. Li Wang from Taiwan
Energy Saving of Fishing Boats in Taiwan Using a Small Wind Turbine Generator

Please submit your ninth weekly report to be downloaded here on the 18th December in response to the special lecture by Prof. Li Wang. Your comments in the report shall be fed back to Prof. Li Wang. Your opinions are cordially appreciated.

[11] 18 December: Electric automobile and its motor control
[##] 8 January: NO LECTURE
[##] 15 January:
To be cancelled

Please submit your tenth weekly report to be downloaded here on the 22nd January in response to the tenth lecture! Copies of the slides on the 18th December are included in the zipped file.

[12] 22 January: Electric automobile & possibly Topics on international standardization from IEC-meeting

[13] 29 January Intelligent transportation systems

I am sorry for the late announcement, but I decided to request no submission of weekly reports for the lectures in January, so that you can keep enough time to prepare your final semester report.


Lecture policy/Examination: weekly and semester reports

Semester report
(1)Subject: from keywords from the lectures;
(2)Original summary by yourself (A4 3-5pages);
(3)No identical subjects from a laboratory; and
(4)Examples of possible subjects have been announced here.

Dead time and place of submission
 By e-mail

with Subject: telec09_Report_YourName

1.締切日は02月13日(土) 23:59
Deadline: at 23:59 on the13th February
Koseki will send you acknowledgment in several days after your submission.  
Please send your report in pdf.
The file shall be smaller than 3MB.


Official textbook: None
Files of weekly reports and hand-outs: Links shall be on this page: Click them!

Recommended books:

1. E. Aoki, etal: "A History of Japanese Railways 1972-1999," East Japan Railway Culture Foundation, March 2000, ISBN4-330-67901-9
2. Joachim Fiedler "Bahnwesen" 4. Auflage, Werner Verlag
3. 持永: 電気鉄道技術入門 オーム社
4. 「電気工学ハンドブック」オーム社・電気学会
5. 曽根、小谷、向殿編「図解 電気の百科」オーム社
6. 丸山弘志ほか(鉄道総研)「電気・電子技術者のための鉄道工学」丸善
7. 電気学会(電気鉄道における教育調査専門委員会)編「最新鉄道工学」コロナ社
8. 久保田 「鉄道工学ハンドブック」グランプリ出版
9. 機械学会「機械工学便覧 交通」
10. 土木工学協会「土木工学ハンドブック」 技報堂
11. 鎌田・藤岡他「自動車プロジェクト開発工学」技報堂

定期刊行物 Journals:
12. IEEE Transactions VT, ITS, IAS, IE, PES, ...
13. Railway Gazette International
14. Elektrische Bahnen
15. 電気学会雑誌、産業応用部門誌
16. 計測と制御
17. 電気学会 交通・電気鉄道研究会資料、ITS研究会資料
18. 電気学会 産業応用部門全国大会講演論文集、全国大会講演論文集(特にシンポジウム)
19. 電気学会技術報告
20. RRR, 各社技報, 鉄道車両と技術(レールアンドテック社)、各種鉄道協会誌、

21. Web site http://www/ など

Monday, 5 October 2009

2009年度冬学期 「制御工学第二」火曜日1限 @242教室 2009/01/25改訂

制御工学第II (火曜日第一限 242教室)
古関隆章・堀 洋一
Ext. 26676, takafumikoseki @

(01) 10/06 状態空間におけるシステムの取扱(1):夏学期の復習、講義の構成など導入的説明、状態変数と状態方程式I、
(02) 10/13 状態空間におけるシステムの取扱(2): 状態変数と状態方程式II、 実現問題、
(03) 10/20 状態空間におけるシステムの取扱(3):状態遷移行列と時間応答シミュレーション、可制御性と可観測性
(04) 10/27 堀教授: 非線形制御入門(位相面軌跡法)
(05) 11/10 状態空間におけるシステムの取扱(4): 多項式法による極配置の提案、状態フィードバック、第1回目演習出題(12/08提出予定)状態推定に関する説明資料の配布
(06) 11/17 呉助教 特別講義: 福祉制御工学 I
(07) 11/24 状態FB制御系の設計の考え方:多項式法と最適制御(LQR)における評価関数の直感的理解について
(0#) 12/01 休講:状態空間法、最適制御演習(自宅学習)<==11/10配布の状態推定の資料をじっくり学んで、第1回目の演習課題をしっかり完成させてください!
(08) 12/08 LQRにおける最適性の証明、一次元時不変線形系のリカッチ方程式と最適制御の例題、指令値追従形制御への拡大系の構成 
(09) 12/15 状態推定(配布資料の補足説明) +ディジタル制御(1): 空間量子化と時間量子化サンプリング動作の数学的表現、サンプリングを含む系の取扱とZ変換
(10) 12/22 ディジタル制御(2): ディジタル系安定性判別、ディジタル系のアナログ近似、第2回目演習出題
(11) 01/12 呉助教 特別講義:福祉制御工学 II
(12) 01/19 ディジタル制御(3): 有限整定とデッドビート応答
(13) 01/26 ディジタル制御(4)  第3回目の演習出題


(14) 02/02 予備日
(15) 02/09 期末テスト 08:30-10:00 @242教室

 1.1  制御工学とは何か
 1.2  制御システムの例,分類
 1.3  閉ループ制御と開ループ制御
 1.4  制御工学の歴史

 2.1  信号伝達と状態遷移
 2.2  動作点まわりの線形化
 2.3  線形システムの表現
(2.4  ラプラス変換法の基礎)
 2.5  ブロック図とその合成
 2.6  特性の計測法

 3.1  線形システムの安定性
 3.2  ラウスの安定判別法
 3.3  ナイキストの安定判別法
 3.4  フィードバック系の安定度指標

 4.1  入力追従特性と外乱抑圧特性
 4.2  定常誤差と誤差係数
 4.3  2次系の過渡応答
 4.4  2次系の周波数応答
 4.5  高次系の代表根

 5.1  フィードバック制御系設計の基本指針
 5.2  直列補償とフィードバック補償
 5.3  ニコルズ線図を用いた制御系設計
 5.4  根軌跡を用いた制御系設計
 5.5  直列補償とPID調節計
 5.6  フィードバック補償



2. 教科書・参考書
新: 制御理論の基礎 昭晃堂 (これは生協などで購入可能と思われる。)

(堀・大西: 応用制御工学  丸善


平井・羽根田・北村: システム制御工学  森北出版
金原・黒須: ディジタル制御入門  日刊工業新聞社
小郷・美多: システム制御理論入門 実教出版社
前田・杉江: アドバンスト制御のためのシステム制御理論  システム制御情報学会編 朝倉書店
正田: 制御工学  培風館 

MATLAB: SimuLink, Control tool boxなど

3. 授業の受け方


A4の方眼紙をノートとせよ: 授業は基本的に板書を中心に行う。

本資料の更新版をはじめ、講義中の資料は必要に応じて、 から入手可能なようにアップロードします。