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One-day International Workshop on Sustainable Transportation and Energy
-Leading-edge Technologies and Policies-

Date:Thu. 6th August, 2009
Venue:Sanjo Conference Hall, Hongo, The University of Tokyo

08:30 Registration
09:00 Opening Remarks Prof. Ieda
09:10 Keynote Speech Prof. Sumi
09:40 Session 1 : Sustainable Energy for Transportation
(1) Speech (25min.) : "Energy Scenarios" Ms. Lee
(2) Speech (25min.) : "Global Energy Supply and Demand Model" Prof. Fujii
(3) Discussion (40min.) :Chair/ Mr.Ozumi
11:10 Session 2 : Policies for International Transportation
(1) Speech (25min.) : "Policies for Maritime Transportation" Prof. Yamato
(2) Speech (25min.) : "Emission Trade in International Air Transportation" Prof. Hihara
(3) Discussion (40min.) :Chair/ Prof. Takagi
12:40 LUNCH
13:30 Session 3 : Leading Technologies for International Transportation
(1) Speech (25min.) : "The Future Aviation and the Environment:
Advanced Technologies and Innovation" Mr. Oda
(2) Speech (25min.) : "Container Shipment" Mr. Mizuno
(3) Discussion (40min.) :Chair/ Prof. Kato
15:00 BREAK
15:15 Session 4 : Advanced Technologies for Land Transportation
(1) Speech (25min.) : "High Speed Train" Prof. Koseki
(2) Speech (25min.) : "Future EV World with Choco-choco charge" Prof. Hori
(3) Discussion (40min.) :Chair/ Prof. Koseki
Guest panelists for this session: Dr. Hayashiya and Mr. Teratani
16:45 BREAK
17:00 Session 5 : Sustainable Systems and Policies for Land Transportation
(1) Speech (25min.) : "Sustainable ITS for Transportation Management" Prof. Kuwahara
(2) Speech (25min.) :
"Sustainable urban transport, the CIVITAS SMILE initiative" Mr. Resebo
(3) Discussion (40min.) :Chair/ Mr. Ohmori
18:30 Conclusive and Closing Remarks Prof. Ieda


Abstract of Koseki's speech

As an introduction of the session on sustainable ground transportation from electrical engineering point of view, the presenter will summarize:

1. technical history of electric traction for automobile and electric trains from the 19th century: conventional electric traction systems when the "lunch box was too heavy," ,

2. from commutator motors to modern AC-drives, significant role of power electronics in variable speed drives

3. State-of-the-arts of the technology of electric railway system for urban and intercity high speed ground transportation, including actual R & D topics in China, and

4. technical impact of new technologies of electric energy storage: the era of "light lunch boxes."

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