Thursday, 17 July 2008

Information on Semeter Report of Control & System Theory by Prof. Hori etc

Control & System Theory
Report Problems
(Hori, Koseki, Hashimoto, Kubota, Sakai and Oh)

Deadline: 2008.8.15

Send your report and the original papers you read in (1) by email as PDF format,

WITH: "Subject: CS Report by YOURNAME"

y.hori AT
takafumikoseki AT
hashimoto.tatsuaki AT
kubota AT
sakai AT
sehoon AT



(1) Read more than 2 original papers on control theory which were published in recent 3 years, summarize them, and give your own comment on their relation and significance.

(2) Make a problem on control theory and give its solution. The problem should be as mathematical as possible.

(3) Choose one professor and give your impression on his lecture and suggestion for future improvement. More general impressions and suggestions will be also welcome.


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